Part 3 : “The Power Of Pure Desire”, Shri Adi Kundalini Puja, Weilburg (Germany), 11 August 1991

Now we are not here in this world, at this stage, to build them more churches or temples or mosques. No had enough of them, had enough of problems.

So now we want to make for ourselves abode of love and purity, but those who are residents are not, then how can you have love?

It will be always jealousies and selfishness and all those things there.

So when we talk of the light of the Kundalini, we have to understand that this light spreads in your life, outside your life and expresses itself in a very, very beautiful manner.

Everyone says that Sahaja yogis look very different from others. “There’s a glow on their face. There’s a – they look like flowers”, so many. “Relaxed, they’re very beautiful people.” For example, in Cabella people were so impressed.

They said, “These are young people and they have come here, they’re not fighting among themselves, there are no hooligans among them.”

They’re quite surprised how you could be so sensible, so many of you.

So many people if they gather anywhere, they can go amok in no time. I mean, even a smaller group can become mad, for no rhyme and reason they go mad.

So this collective behavior of yours was so much seen clearly by those simple village people. For that, you have to just desire.

You just have to desire and this pure desire works out in the right direction, otherwise whatever you desire you can’t get it. You want money? All right, have it. Move to the right side. Get money this way. Get money that way.

Do what you like. Then you want to kill somebody – all right, get to the right side. You can get many people who will go and kill anybody they want to. Then you want some publicity or something. All right, get to the right side.

All these things can happen, whatever you want according to the movement that you have. But for ascent, your desire should be pure desire to get to that greater personality of love and beautiful relationships.

Today you’re worshipping your Kundalini. You are also worshipping the Adi Kundalini.

Now, you have to find out what are we doing as far as the Adi Kundalini is concerned. When you worship the Adi Kundalini, the reflection in you, which is your own Kundalini, feels very happy.

Also the Deities feel happy. In that happy mood you can achieve a very much deeper experience, that’s a fact. But, to keep it up, you have to meditate, otherwise all these strands will go back, slip down, which have come out in the puja.

I know everyone likes to come to puja, they enjoy it. But you should understand that, “What do we get in this puja?” You come here – desire for that higher life. But try to get out of this every day-to-day nonsensical life.

If you want, you can do it. It’s again a question of your wanting. So throughout it is ‘want’. What is your desire? We have desire like ‘children’. Some people want to have children.

After the children are born then they say, “Wow, what these children! God save me!” (Shri Mataji laughing)

Then you want to have money and most of those money people are now in jail. Then you want to have fame.

The fame of the people never helps them, only it gives you problems because of jealousies and all kinds of things. If fame was such a good thing, why should people be jealous?

So the power of Kundalini, which is your own Mother, which has to rise, which has to come up, which has to manifest itself, because of your pure desire.

So in your introspection, in your pujas, in your meditation, if you see for yourself why are you meditating – it is for pure desire of compassion and love to be awakened within us.

You are already in the meditation, you’re already growing, the growth has started.

And you’ll grow so fast that this shell, which is this human conditioning and egos will just break open.

And then this small, little thing which is only in the triangular bone — imagine in a – there’s a very little space in this triangular bone — that it comes out and manifests and can save the whole world. Just see the magnificence, the expansiveness, the greatness of this Kundalini which was within you and which came up in its full strength and has shown tremendous things.

Such people are the really great people and not the people who are trying to show off some sort of a brand cloth they wear, and try to show off. All these silly ideas and stupidities have to be given up by Sahaja yogis.

So that this Kundalini wears the beautiful flowers, your words become fragrant, your glance becomes soothing, your smile becomes satisfying.

Everything, all your being is emitting nothing but goodness, righteousness, peace – above all, joy. And the joy you feel now – together when we were yesterday clapping and singing songs and were feeling the joy at a very simple, simple music concert – without any drugs, without any shouting, screaming, nothing — very simple.

The joy we were feeling, it was because our Kundalini was dancing. She was so happy, because what were you asking there? Nothing, but the enjoyment of collectivity.

Collectivity doesn’t mean that we all should be stuck together with some glue or something or we all become like Gibraltar, Rock of Gibraltar. No, it doesn’t mean that. It means wherever you are, you are connected.

That is collectivity. Connected doesn’t mean that you hate that person. No, you’re connected means you love that person, you’re concerned about that person.

The connection, the connecting line is of love and not of hatred. So, when you are connected with another person, or persons, then you are in collectivity.

But people will live together and everyday break each other’s heads. Some of them really give Me headaches, I tell you, sometimes, because they are nowhere near the real growth of Sahaja Yoga.

So you may be in America, you may be in India, you may be anywhere.

You are just connected. And you are concerned. As soon as there’s a problem somewhere, into any part, any part of the world, you are connected and you’re effective, you can manage.

But if you are not connected and you are just glued together, it’s very inconvenient to live under such circumstances. I think people don’t even understand the meaning of collectivity where there’s not the other, ananya. Where there’s not the other, there’s no other personality. These personalities are separated from you because of left and right. Or could be both.

But you are yourself fully when you’re absolutely detached and your Kundalini is dancing – you’re alone and never alone.

This oneness with the whole gives you all the security that you want, all the joy you want. And that’s why Kundalini Awakening means collectivity. Unless and until you want pure collectivity in your being, Kundalini won’t rise.

I feel sad sometimes when people tell Me, “This gentleman is like this, this lady’s like this and she just says things like that and she tries to put down her orders”, or some man like that. Then I really can’t understand what are they doing here? We don’t want Hitlers.

This attitude of ours, so far has been on a different level, like acquire more money, acquire more wealth, acquire more houses, acquire more cars, acquire more wives, husbands, whatever it is, children. But the whole thing changes in Sahaja Yoga.

You enjoy everything. All right, this is your hall, doesn’t matter whosoever it paid, I am enjoying. It’s better not to pay for it and enjoy other people’s money! (Shri Mataji laughing) This carpet is not mine, very good.

That’s excellent. It’s beautiful, I’m enjoying. (Laughter) Maybe the one who has got this, one must be worried about something. It might get spoiled or something, but I’m enjoying.

So when this detachment comes, really enjoy everything.

And in that detachment only you enjoy others also because you are so detached about it, don’t want anything with anyone. Only person to person you enjoy.

That means you enjoy the Spirit of another person through your spirit, “Atmanye maneta” [?], it is through the Spirit only you enjoy another’s Spirit. And then the Spirit itself is, as you know, is the source of knowledge.

The light of the Spirit is the light of love, compassion, forgiveness, everything. All that starts shining in through your faces. I mean, from faces you can make out a Sahaja yogi.

There’s no need to put hands and see. You know this is a Sahaja yogi, can’t be anything else.

Jai Shri Mataji

Treatment for Amoebic dysentery, constipation, gases, pitta, body building and about food – Press interview, Calcutta, India 14/10/1986

Many people I see are suffering from amoebic dysentery. It has become a common problem associated with gas formation.

So it is neccerary to watch our eating habits. Some people eat lot of rice. It’s not wrong to eat rice.

It’d better to eat rice after removing the maadh (starch).

Rice also should be taken along with dry roasted powdered bran. Bran contains digestive which helps in digestion of rice. It is better to remove starch and use rice. This starch should not be taken. You can use it for other things like starching sarees.

Mix bran and use rice.

First of all you have removed the starch and secondly you have added bran as digestive. So rice gets easily digested.

It’s good to eat rotis too as they are better than rice in giving body the required fiber. As we Indians don’t eat much of raw vegetables as such , which provide the necessary fibre content.

Root vegetables or those that grow underneath the ground like carrots, potatoes , radish are the ones that form gases in the bosy. So for people suffering from gas they should avoid such vegetables.

It is good to walk after dinner for 100 foot at least. I have seen many vegetarian suffering from gas problem and loose stomach. Being vegetarian is okay but you should take protein also. Protein rich foods will remove the looseness of the body. And helps in muscle formation.

Another best way to develop muscles is to massage your body with the paste of grass which grows in sea mixed with butter ghee or vegetable oils like dalda. As it is rich in phosphorus it helps to tighten the muscles of the body.

If you are over weight also it helps as it tightens your muscles.

Natural things are good. Many people suffer from pitta (acidity) they are always yawning. Such people who are suffering from pitta should use kokkum juice with sugar added to it. Such people should take lot of sugar. I will vibrate sugar and give you. You should eat it. It will help you to reduce the vomiting sensation and heart burns. Such people should not eat fried foods and avoid dairy products. In this way you can cure your pitta problem also.

In winter you can take sooth (dry ginger powder) with sugar. Sugarcane juice is the best. It takes care of your liver. It makes you feel very fresh.

When liver is not ok person becomes very irritable and angry and does not like anything.

Liver is very important for life.

H H Shri Mataji

What is happiness – Preston, U. K. 14th August, 1980

” Happiness is not the way to judge anyone, neither unhappiness. Unhappiness comes to you through this super ego and happiness through ego. But joy has no double face, joy is joy. In joy , you witness, you witness the whole thing. And when you are joyous you feel the whole thing, the joy itself coming on you like grace falling on to you. It is so beautiful that you just get lost into it.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

You are transmitting vibrations – October 1979 , London, England

“Everywhere you are sitting in meditation you are transmitting vibrations, do you know that? At that time if you are thinking, say of your jobs and your other things which you have been thinking before, the transmission is poorer. Think of love. Think of the whole country, think of the whole world at that time. You are transmitters of these waves of love and love will flow from you.”

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


I don’t know what must be happening to you. I mean when I give you Realization I am even worried about you. What is going to happen to these children who, are born realized? I have to leave somebody here to look after you, to consolidate it, to manage it, to make you go, otherwise you might be frightened. It is real. It is so. With this, one feels very much disturbed and whom to blame? You see, you cannot blame anyone. The whole thing, it was to be like this. So accept it as it is…. You decided to be born to these parents. You thought them to be sane people. Maybe it was your mistake.

H H Shree Mataji


Yesterday I saw the whole sky was filled with color and light. As you know that vibrations have light. It’s very light flickering, very small light, each particle of vibration has and you can see that. But when there are too many, then they can be caught up by your cameras.

But yesterday I think the clouds got vibrated. And is a very great thing to get the clouds vibrated. If the clouds are vibrated, the rain will be vibrated. If the rain is vibrated, the land will be vibrated. All the crops that are to be germinated will be vibrated too, so when it goes into the body of human beings, they’ll get also vibrations. Is the best way now is to vibrate the clouds, I think, if you have to have many more people for Sahaja Yoga.

That’s the idea came into My mind last night that why not vibrate all the clouds, that’s the best way. Moreover the vibrations are very tiny bit, with one point going into a half circle normally. This half circle then combines to make “Aum” sometimes, sometimes it makes a chain, sometimes it gathers together to make crosses. But the basic thing about them is that they can think, and think very fast, much faster than human beings can think. And they are extremely collective, extremely collective. So they move together, thinking the same way, understanding the same way in an absolute manner and work out the whole thing in a very beautiful silent way that you cannot even feel.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

What is in Your Mind – Shri Ganesha Puja, Nasik, India, 1984

“But the most thing is, that in your heart, in your mind; don’t allow funny ideas to come in. First of all watch what’s in your mind. It will give you ideas like, ‘This man is no good, that man is not good.’ Just don’t listen to these things, just listen to yourself that ‘Where am I? ‘What am I doing?’ ‘What have I done for Sahaja Yoga?’ ‘My vibrations – are they all right?’ ‘Am I helping others?’ ‘Where is my attention?’ The attention has to be: ‘What am I doing with what Mother has given to me?

So today is a very great day, we must all pray to Shri Ganesh that He should give His blessings, because He’s the source of joy, He’s the source of joy, He is Christ, He’s in your heart, resides as spirit, so He’s the one, the innocence you have to achieve. And that is the beginning of Shri Ganesha’s being, which evolves at the head here, you see on this [inaudible] as Aum it becomes. So the same Shri Ganesha ultimately becomes , ‘Aum’ within us.

To have the purest form of enjoyment of your spirit, you must try to see that you establish your Shri Ganesha. And let everyone follow a proper pattern;

Don’t Try to Correct each Other :

You don’t try to correct each other. That’s a very wrong attitude in Sahaja Yoga and is very detrimental to the growth of Sahaja Yoga. Anybody who tries this is thrown out of Sahaja Yoga in no time, by some way or some other. And also I’ve seen people getting cancer, and they ask Me: ‘Mother how is it that we’ve been doing Sahaja Yoga and now we get cancer?’ Because of this nonsense. Don’t try to go against other Sahaja Yogis; you must respect them, they are all saints. And respect the older Sahaja Yogis because they have been there, you have to learn a lot. They have worked very hard to establish Sahaja Yoga.

So I have to make a very simple announcement today, that on this day of Shri Ganesh, all My children who are born like Shri Ganesha, in the same pattern, should become dynamic like Him, innocent like Him, great like Him, working twenty-four hours.This little Child is working throughout the day and night to give you this source of joy.”

H H Shri Mataji