FEEL THE BEAUTY OF THANKFULNESS – London (UK), 26 November 1982

Many of you are Sahaja Yogis and you have felt cool breeze from the very first day, and have been feeling it also. But there are so many, still, who don’t even feel the cool breeze and they feel very funny about it and feel sort of guilty. Sometimes they feel that they are something of a lower type, or something wrong with them: that they don’t feel the cool breeze.

So, one of the greatest worry, for all of you, should be that there are some people who are not feeling anything in their hands. They have been coming to Sahaja Yoga, have been religiously working it out, but they haven’t been able to achieve the first experience of cool breeze. For this there can be many, many reasons, not one, but there can be many reasons. And without getting involved into these reasons, if you try to see within yourself, and ,if others who have felt it are compassionate and kind, they can definitely help others.

But the worst thing that we human beings suffer from is EGO. And this ego makes us feel small – at the slightest thing anybody tries to help ]you. Some people might have a hurt ego, might have a bloated ego, might have a state of mind, which does not even see the ego. And that is why it is difficult to talk to anyone [about] what is to be done to improve? So those who are better off, suffer from a dilemma: they don’t want to hurt another person, and another fear they have [is] that, if they try to help others their ego might go up! (laughing) Because they are afraid of their own ego.

But we must understand that – once we have come to Sahaja Yoga, once our Kundalini has been awakened, then, all of us have now become part and parcel of one body, of one body of the great Primordial Being. In a body, as human bodies are, supposing a finger is numb, then all the body’s attention is on that finger to cure it, and all the other fingers and the whole body, the brain, the mind you can call it, everything is worried about that finger [and] how to make it alright. Naturally there is no ego for these fingers, so nobody feels hurt or bad. And the fingers are also anxious to do it, because they can feel the problem of the finger which is numb.

If there is some problem, say, internally within your body, all the cells which are needed to correct that problem will rush. The blood will rush. The heart will pump. Everything will work out in a very co-coordinated way, but nobody sees that but that, “Why should I take help from anyone?”. Neither the one who helps is frightened or afraid or also feels the ego. The reason is, the cells of the body arel under the complete control of one brain, of one personality, of one cell.

But in Sahaja Yoga, this collectivity is not yet established. That’s why people feel hurt, people hurt each other. They have fear of another ‘cell’, which is the brother ‘cell’, it is the partner ‘cell’. Which is the part and parcel of your own being. Are we afraid of our eyes? Or afraid of our nose? Are we afraid of our hands, or of our feet? And this collectivity is such a vicious circle that unless and until you become really collective, you cannot feel another person. And unless and until you have that sense of responsibility of collectivity built in yourself, you cannot help another person.

So certain amount of growth is needed in the whole body to be sensitive enough to help each other, to be wise enough to help each other, to be resourceful enough in us to really nourish really nourish another one. And that development has to come again through collectivity; is most surprising it is.

I know sometimes people feel that there are Sahaja Yogis who are not even of one mind. I agree. That somebody will say, “Your Vishuddhi is catching,” another will say, “Your heart is catching.” Another will say, “Your void is catching.” They don’t say that, all of them will say the same thing. One will say this, one will say that, one will say that. The reason is, some of them have developed certain sensitivity to a certain centre, but not to all the centres. And that’s how there can be a difference of opinion as there should not be at all.

So firstly we must all know that we are still growing. We have to still grow. In Sahaja Yoga even if you get your realisation, that doesn’t mean you suddenly become John the Baptist! We all have to grow. And for growing and growth we have to discard something and we have to accept something. And the best thing that should be discarded is your ego, and it comes in so many ways that it creates a barrier between you and your Creator.

Sometimes this ego can take you to anti-God activities and you will not know that it is your ego is taking down there, because the identification with ego has been, not [only] in this life, but in many lives before also. So to get this identified, or we can say, to get dissolved this ego, or to get away from this ego is a difficult. But as you grow out of the mud of this ego, the lotus starts becoming fragrant and everybody can see that fragrance.’

H H Shree Mataji

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