1985-1009 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, after Public Program, Strasbourg, France

Navarātri is very good because these nine nights represent the main nine incarnations. Where the Goddess took the form of Śhakti and killed the negative people. But those were easier days because negativity was understood by people and nobody sympathized. So this is what one has to understand that don’t sympathize with negativity. You’ll spoil them all. And always you’ll find such sympathies bring forth your character also that you are also slightly negative. Because to fight negativity in modern times is a very difficult task.

You cannot kill anyone: if you kill somebody, then may be that such a person is a brother or a sister or something of somebody. Or such a person would be himself or herself a seeker. So best thing is to separate like a contagious disease, keep that person out, no sympathies. And get the person cured and enjoy the life, otherwise that person is not going to be helped. It has become a very individual fight. And it’s so troublesome and so disgusting. So to help Me out, you should not take any sides with negativity. That’s how you can help Me the most. This is what it is the Navarātri, the Pūjā that I give you powers to fight the negativity.”

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