The Lakshmi Principle,21/10/1990

A house should be such where you can live freely, at least a house should be like that. But the soon we become materialistic we get out of our Lakshmi principle. All the beauty of our wealth is finished. I’ve seen people that even a rat doesn’t enter their house, leave alone human beings. They polish their silver, they polish their brass, they polish their furniture, their beautiful house is done with beautiful paper, expensive things. But a rat also doesn’t enter.

And this is what is the Western materialism is: that we get so much worried about everything. I asked them, “Why are you so much worried?” They said, “Because it’s an investment and we have to sell the house.” Everything is an investment, they themselves are investments, I think. How will they enjoy? They cannot enjoy their wealth because everything seems to be an investment. Their head is an investment, their hair investment, nose investment, ears investment, everything is an investment! What’s the use of becoming human beings? You are just nothing but investments !

Doesn’t matter if the house is little bit sold, you get little less price. What does it matter? After all you have lived in that house. But I’ve seen that it’s very common that if a guest is sitting and the child spills something, immediately before the guest we’ll start cleaning it. It’s very bad manners. What is this carpet worth than a human being? So the Lakshmi principle is to understand that matter is for expression of your love. How much you do for others, how much comfort you can give to others. I’ve seen some people, I’ve been to some people that the Gruha Lakshmi, the woman who is in the house, won’t even look after the tea of the people, nothing!!! She’s just enjoying herself and bothering about the carpets or I don’t know, about the soap, about this..I mean so low level it is, not even, it’s not even a humanistic thing !

So, Lakshmi principle means love. This very few people understand. To them Lakshmi means money in the bank. No, doesn’t mean that. It means money or anything like that to express your love.

H H Shri Mataji

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