“Treatment for Joint pain, Atrophy & Arthritis. Don’t use hot water for bath”

“Joint pain comes from nabhi chakra. Nabhi should be corrected. Underground root vegetables should not be consumed.

I will vibrate kerosene oil and give you. Add it in any other oil and apply it. You should always do some exercises will prevent it. Thirdly, taking bath in hot water will lead to many problems. You should take bath in cold water. Hot water causes many problems like muscular pain, muscular atrophy. Muscles become weak and stiff causing difficulty in walking. So we should not take bath in hot water but in cold water. Women have the disease of taking bath more frequently than men. Once you get into the practice then you can take bath in cold water in winter also.

I have told you the treatment for throat already. Hot water causes problems in throat also. Hot and cold causes the problem. You should get into the habit of cold water. Small children should be made habituated to cold water. If your habits are spoilt then you should change them slowly. First with hot water then slowly change to cold water bath. Bring your body to coolness. It’s not very cold here. I take cold water bath in London also.

I have told you about arthritis and joints. If you can take lemons in hot water. Take 6 lemons for 6 days in boiled water . 2 lemons squeezed in water. Take it after breakfast, after lunch after dinner. Prepare it before breakfast so that it cools after breakfast. If you feel it very sour then add honey to it and drink it. It will cure it. Vitamin C helps, second thing is application of geru. Best is the oil i said the kerosene.”

H H Shri Mataji

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