Becoming Collective

I’ve seen many people saying that they can decide things on vibrations and they have decided certain things on vibrations. But they commit mistakes. That means they have not yet grown up to that state where they can decide on vibrations. So nobody should arbitrarily decide but consult the collective, especially your leaders to find out if whatever decision you have taken, whatever you have thought of, is it all right or not. And one may commit lots of mistakes if you start behaving arbitrarily. The greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a collective happening.

As people start becoming collective and collective they do not bother others, they do not trouble others, but they give joy to others. They are not bothered about their going and coming, their eating and everything, they just don’t behave like mundane, usual type of people. But they are very patient, Saburi as they call it. They are in the patience. Now this patience is most joy giving. Patience gives you the greatest joy. When you are patient you develop all your qualities. I think in patience you blossom the best.

H H Shri Mataji

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