108 Names of Shri Mataji

3. Om Sakshat Shri Deva Kārya Samudyatā Namoh Namah

Shoe-beat procedure

Time taken: 5 mins
No prayers required
Use left leg shoe/foot-wear & beat with its heel
Time: Mornings ( mentioned by MOTHER in one of HER talks ) ~ ( may be between 8:00 am & 12:00 Noon)

What/Who to shoe-beat: Ego/Super-ego/negativities impacting collectivity/negativity impacting our personal lives/any person harassing you/Drug addicts/Bullies,etc.

1. Put yourself in Bandhan in front of Shree Mataji`s photograph
2. Look out for a place in the back-yard of your house OR patio (balcony) to execute shoe-beat procedure ( Don`t do shoe-beat in front of MOTHER`s photograph)
3.Write the xyz problem on the floor/ground with your right hand fingers. It may be a negativity causing personal problem / a collective problem OR your own ego/super-ego.
4. Encircle the area on the floor with 7 clock-wise parabolic (Not circular, as vibrations always propagate in Parabolic fashion) bandhans saying the mantra for Shree Maha-Laxmi, Shree Maha-Saraswati, Shree Maha-Kali, Shree Ganehsa-Gouri ( you may nclude all these names in a single mantra )
5.Take your left shoe in your right hand & then shoe beat the problem with the heel of the left shoe 21 times.
6. Repeat steps 4) & 5) above 2 more times saying the mantra for
(2nd round)– Shree Hanumana, Shree Kartikeya, Shree Bhairava
(3rd round)–Shree Jagadamba, Shree Durga, Shree Eka-Dasha Rudra
( You may swap 2nd & 3rd round mantras above)
All the above mantras are the negativity destroying mantras & hence they are chanted during shoe-beat.
7. Always keep your attention on Sahasrara during the whole process of shoe-beating
8. After completing the process, waive your hand in the air above the area of shoe-beat & draw a Swastika & a Cross saying the mantra for Shree Ganesha-Gouri & Shree Jesus-Mary respectively.

H H Shri Mataji

Gruha and Rajya Lakshmi – Diwali Puja, Italy, 25th October 1987

Gruha Lakshmi– Gruha Lakshmi is the deity of the family- The one who is the deity of the family. Any housewife need not be Gruha Lakshmi. She can be a shrew; she can be a horrid woman. The deity of the household, if she resides in you then you are a Gruha Lakshmi, otherwise you are not.

Then there is Rajya Lakshmi— She is the one who gives grace to the kings. If the Kings behave like a servant then they are not to be called kings. They have to behave in a dignified manner. The Dignity, the Majesty of a king comes from the Rajya Lakshmi.

But a Sahaja Yogi is not a king. He walks in a very stately manner, goes very stately, he is very majestic in handling people, he is very gracious in doing everything in such a manner that people think that here comes the king.

H.H.Shri Mataji

Neem Trees : 7 dec 1988

I would like to tell you about these trees. Are called as neem trees. I don’t know if you can pluck them. But you might find them down below. This is what is the very good thing for driving out all the badhas, some or the other. It has a very bitter taste and the badhas run away from it. They are very oxygen creating plants and we use them as tooth brushes. See, there is one twig he has taken and chewed into and then we go on cleaning our teeth with it for about an hour or so. You see, while talking to people. Early in the morning when they are going for a walk they just take in their teeth and just chewing, all of them talking together and sort of working it out. So, the teeth is kept very well. . They never go to dentist. Indians never go to dentist. So I have never been to a dentist Myself. So, this is a very nice thing and here also you get something called Neem tooth paste. I don’t know where you can get it. But that is very good thing for your teeth. So, if you could get these trees down below, you can pluck it out and you can just start. Use it for a nice brushing. Try if you can. You have to chew it very well. So these are the trees. This kind, you can see it. And if you have any sort of scabies or any skin trouble then, we boil the water with this and give a bath. It is very good for taking the bath. Boil the water and take a bath. Is a bitter thing. If you don’t allow the water to go in your mouth, then it is perfectly alright. It is very good. It is very medicinal thing called as Neem [Shri Mataji spells it out]. Try to find if you can find the toothpaste somewhere. Neem toothpaste, or I will try to get it.

H.H.Shree Mataji