Moon is one of the symbols, Moon is one of the symbols. Why? Because according to Sahaja yoga we reach the state where you touch the Sadashiva in the symbolic form, you see. Or if you can say that after getting Realization if you see the abstract form of God then we say after reaching your Brahmarandhra you cross over your limbic area and then you go to Ardhabindu.

Ardhabindu is the Moon. Moon is the Spirit. Because, Shiva also wears the Moon on his head. Sada Shiva also wears the Moon on His head. So Moon is the spectator. Isn’t it?

Sun is the working part. He works and it reflects on the Moon. So you become the spectator yourself and start going into that. So every symbol is the same and now why we use the Moon more than the Sun, about the timings? Because it is the Moon which is more effective in creating desire within ourselves.

Like the Moon affects even the sea, not the Sun. Sun is a constant– stuck practically, except for it changes its axis sometimes, that’s all. And the distances between Sun has not much significance with the Earth, except that if the Earth loses its axis a little bit more or becomes a little bit flatter, then maybe that the speed of the Earth may be reduced. So we can only control the speed.

But the Moon is a subtler thing which acts in subtle, subtler ways. Because you have seen the Moon acts on the tides, it acts on the temperaments, it is a much subtler thing. Desire is much more subtle than the action itself. It’s a deeper thing. So the action comes out of the desire. So it is better to affect the desire than to affect the action. And that is why, in India, people accept Moon as the indicator for dates and all that. But in the West people are so much more time-bound such that for them they would not like to have these variations, because they are not prepared for any such variations. For them, 12 o’clock is 12 o’clock. And they are very, very rigid people. Such rigid people are no good, they are not living being[s] you see.

So it is not one way or the other. Even Surya – the Sun – is very important. But why the Moon is important because it makes you subtler. And that is why one should achieve the Moon as they say. Right-sided people must achieve the Moon. At least they should be little bit changing their programs, little flexibility otherwise there is no gap in-between.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


My idea of bringing some of the Sahaja Yogis from the West to India in the villages of India was to make them understand that comfort is not the goal of life because we have villagers who are realized souls, who do not have any comforts which are so important to the western people, but are very happy, satisfied and peaceful people and are extremely good yogis. But that does not mean that you give up your comforts and you become godly. It is all a mental behaviour if you think by negation. It is not the way. But when you come to India, you understand that this habit of seeking comfort must be given up. If you have any, it is all right, but let not the comfort sit on your head. Let your spirit rule and not the idea that you should be comfortable or affluent. That idea should not rule you.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Keeping right hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and left hand on Mother Earth, pray “Mother, kindly purify and improve my right Mooladhara.”

“Shri Mataji, verily you are the slayer of all the demons.”

“Shri Mataji, please make me worthy of You.”

“Shri Mataji, whatever I do is to please You.”

“Shri Mataji, please bless me with the qualities of Shri Kartikeya.”

“Shri Mataji, please bless me with the complete surrender and Divine wisdom of Shri Ganesha.”

We can take the following 3 mantras:

Shri Kartikeya sakshat,

Shri Rakshas Hantri Sakshat,&

Shri Rakshaghni Sakshat

It is also observed as that right Mooladhara improves, our useless mental activity reduces and inner silence augments greatly. Thus right Mooladhara plays an important role in balancing and establishing Thoughtless Awareness.

But this must not be understood that we need to neglect left and center Mooladhara. In fact without awakening Shri Nirmal Ganesha and Shri Gauri Ganesha, Shri Kartikeya cannot be awakened.

Following is the meditation to improve Mooladhara (as told by Shri Mataji during Shri Ganesha Puja 86) :-

1) Left hand towards Mother and right hand on the ground.

“Put attention on left Mooladhara.

Take Nirmal Ganesha mantra,

Say in your heart – “

Mother, by Your Grace, I am innocent.” – meditate for few minutes.”

2) Then both hands on the lap,

Put attention on center Mooladhara;

Take Shri Ganesh Gauri mantra

And say in your heart –

“Shri Mataji, please make me innocent.”- meditate for few minutes.

3) Then put right hand towards Mother and left hand on the ground,

Put attention on Right Mooladhara.

First take Shri Kartikeya mantra.

Say in your heart –

“ Shri Mataji, please make me worthy of you.” and meditate for a few minutes,

Then take Shri Rakshas hantri mantra and

again meditate on right Mooladhara,

also say loudly in your hear – “

Mother, you are the destroyer of all the evil in me.” and meditate for a while.

4) Finish the morning meditation with The attention becomes pure and

we go in thoughtless awareness.

Take mantra

“ Om twameva Sakshat Shri Ganesh Gauri Sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyei Namo Namaha.”

It is observed that after meditating like this our whole day passes very nicely. Shri Mataji has said if we do that every or alternate morning ( by heart and not mechanically) for one year, this meditation develops the entire being in such a way that all the obstacles in the path of ascent go away.


1 – 1986 13 07 Women should be women; Shri kartikeya Puja Holzkirchen , Germany

2 – 1983 06 11 Diwali Puja, Hampstead, U. K.

3 – 1996 21 12 Shri Kartikeya Puja, Mumbai, India tour

4 – 1981 04 09 Advice on Ekadesha Rudra, London

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


“Kartikeya represents the great, we can say, the captain or leader of all theganas, – of all them like a commander-in-chief. Ganesha is a king but He is the commander-in-chief. To be in command is different from to be a master. Master owns it; a commander does not own it. He does not own it, -that is also lost. Possession is also lost, we just command it. And that is the state we have to come to now, from Ganesha state to the state of Kartikeya, – the other way round.

Ganesha is nice. He’s the king, very nicely sitting down with all the powers, alright? In a sense He’s there but Kartikeya is the one who commands innocence, gives you a power of that commandment. He commands. After the Guru Puja it’s better that we should have the power to command others and that commanding spirit comes in the men through their talking, through their dynamism, through their personal achievements; for the women through their loving power, through their forbearance, through their gracious behavior,forgiveness, compassion. So let us develop that today, that we can command it means it’s not that what we have but in a position we are to command. I hope you understand what Kartikeya is.

1) The spirit of Kartikeya- that pure, absolute dynamism which doesn’t indulge into nonsensical things and useless things, which show results.

2) Now in front, in the center, here is who? Kartikeya is in the center; Christ is in the center. In the center itself,where the chiasma optic is, here outside, is Kartikeya. What is Kartikeya? Kartikeya is the protector of Christ. Around Kartikeya, they’re all the protectors of Christ.

3) You know Narakasura has taken birth, and he’s to be killed, the sahaja yogis are going to kill him. You have to come up to a point and definitely he can be killed. When Kartikeya is awakened within you, he can be killed. But for that you have to be just like gold, untarnishable. You need strong people to do that. A sword that can kill him has to come out from your mettles. Then Narakasura can be killed. He is one of the worst possible asura. That is the fourteenth day. When he was killed, the gate of hell was opened and all those who where his disciples or his followers or satanic people were put. That’s the only day you can sleep late and a good news for you.”

4) About Right Mooladhara

When it comes to clearing Mooladhara we usually miss our right Mooladhara. Right Mooladhara is the chakra which is abode of Shri Kartikeya. He is the one who protects us from the demonic forces.Right Mooladhara is the chakra who manifests wisdom and surrendering of Shri Ganesha. Right Mooladhara is also important as out of eleven EkadeshaRudras two are Shri Ganesha and Shri Kartikeya. The Rudras protect us from satanic attacks and give us strength to fight negativities. Therefore, rightMooladhara becomes equally important for clearing and strengthening our leftside.It is observed that when our right Mooladhara improves our catching of leftSwadhisthana reduces.Shri Kartikeya also keeps supervision over hell. Shri Bhairavnath, while fighting against spirit possessions in us, touches Right Mooladhara and therefore works in coordination with ShriKartikeya to thwart the negativities from our subtle system back to hell from where they came.The power of Shri Kartikeya is also very essential in preserving our innocence. When the Kundalini ascends from the sacred bone to Sahasrara, right Mooladhara plays an important role in clearing out the blockages in the parth of Kundalini

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Being Sahaj

God knows how many letters poured in, begging Me to reduce the puja money, reduce the puja money, reduce the puja money.

Such a puja happens only once in a year in Delhi, and still the begging. “ My husband will pay, but please excuse me, I cannot pay”.  These same people will spend on paan (betel leaf) and spit it.  It is important to pay puja samarpan.  I have made all the arrangements at My own expense.  I have never asked for help.  But just by raising the puja money, the puja pandal (marquee) is half empty.  Why. Because they do not want to pay money for the puja.  They will telephone and say “please excuse us from paying puja samarpan”, and not because they do not have proper jobs, or they are not earning.  My husband will pay, but I cannot pay.  This astonishes Me a lot.

Now if you had a false guru, he would have shaved your heads, divested you of all your possessions and dressed you in a single saffron dress, and made you stand on your head on the road.  But I don’t do these things.  Because it is a matter of Sahaj.  Everything should happen in a Sahaja way.

I have seen many people practising renunciation in their lives.  But nowadays we cannot find such people.  I know about My mother.  She used to have only six sarees.  If she got a seventh saree, she would immediately give away one.

Even when people come there, to Cabella, it is surprising that they all want separate rooms, or separate houses.  They cannot live collectively with others.  Those who cannot live in collectivity, are not Sahaja Yogis. He is a Sahaja Yogi only in name.  He still thinks he is a great or special person, and special arrangements should be made for him.  Such a person cannot be a Sahaja Yogi.  He is a Sahaja Yogi only in name.

The person who is a devotee of Shankarji, should be like Shankarji.  Make Him sit anywhere, make Him sleep anywhere.  Give Him anything to eat.  He is not bothered.  He is not tied to His watch.  He is beyond time.  He has no demands.  This is the kind of personality He is.  As a Sahaja Yogi should be.

In other organisations, even before something is achieved, strange things happen.  They pull out your hair, snatch everything that you have, and leave you high and dry.  But this is not so in Sahaja Yoga.  But these tendencies must be given up.  We should strive to see what all bad habits we can give up, and get rid of.  Until and unless this fervour comes within us, we cannot become a bhakt (devotee) of Shri Shiva.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


You cannot do good for Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga can do good for you. If you think you are here for the benefit of Sahaja Yoga you are mistaken because Sahaja Yoga is really a way of audience with the Lord Almighty. Those who are willing to take, those who are willing to grow, only those can move forward and those who are here to give they cannot achieve anything here. Giving is far away, you just need to be thankful for it that you have received self-realization and been enlightened. We can feel our Kundalini on our fingertips and we can give realization to others by moving our hands. No one dare do this. You have perhaps seen lot of people talk about this, but all of you who are capable of raising others Kundalinis and are sitting here should be thankful to the Lord that, “Lord what is my speciality that you bestowed upon me this capability? You have been so merciful. What is my limited personality? What great ‘punya’ (good deed) did we do to be blessed with this knowledge of the kundalini?”. You all now have the subtle knowledge of this inner working. Forget about the fools talk. You are talking about great fools who think they are great. Remember whether you came here to be fooled or to be smart. I do not fool or entice you. In reality, you have to climb that ladder. There is only one way out, do not come half-hearted. With complete surrender tell the Lord that he has given you so much, what do we need to do? We sometimes ask for worldly things, power, money; you are still entangled in little things. The supreme Self that I am talking of is all seeing. “Yogakshemam vahamyaham” (from Bhagavad Gita): prosperity and welfare are looked after by Lord Krishna. See now there is nothing superior to Him in this world. What in this world can stand in comparison to the Lord. The entire world is functioning because of this superior entity.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Only through Kundalini are you going to be judged, otherwise there is no way out. This is the last judgment and do not miss it. The time is running short. I am telling all the people that please be careful, bring all your friends, tell all your people, get it for yourself and be established and enjoy the beauty of the spirit and enter into the kingdom of God, who is your very, very loving Father who wants to give you this.

H H Shri Mataji